Spain is a year-round epicurean destination; smoky valleys in the winter produce the famous Iberico ham, spring is often blessed with warm, bright days and less crowds, outdoor markets in the summer showcase festive fruits and vegetables, and October hosts the annual saffron harvest. There is no perfect time to visit, but a little planning can go a long way in enhancing the overall experience of a trip to Spain and our knowledgeable Travel Consultants are here to help you choose!

Spain boasts the widest range of extra virgin olive oils credited to the influence of the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Continental climates. Spanish wines are now being rated as some of the world's best by Wine Spectator and Robert Parker.

The cuisines of Spain are defined by its regions; Catalan, Andalusia, Cordova, Mediterranean and Basque. You will need to revisit many times to learn all that this vast and interesting country has to offer. Food & Wine trails offers locally hosted journeys to all regions, with expert guides who love cooking and wine as much as you do!

Galicia, Seafood & Wine Heaven
Spring 2018
04/07/2018 -04/11/2018

Located in the Northwestern corner of Spain, Galicia is a spectacular evergreen region with a distinctive Celtic character. Its coastline is dotted with beautiful fiord-like inlets, and Santiago de Compostela – its World Heritage capital – is the final destination on the legendary Way of Saint James pilgrimage route. But that’s not all… on this culinary tour you’ll discover that Galicia is a wonderful off-the-beaten-path foodie destination. The word seafood will have a whole new meaning after this trip, and you’ll be amazed with the quality and variety of the local foods and cuisine, not to mention the famous Albariño and Ribeiro wines! Enjoy this hidden treasure by the hand of our local food & wine experts, who are willing to share the best of their land with you. You’ll never forget Galicia, its people and food!

*Dates of travel are suggested. This tour is available year round.

Catalan Cuisine
Spring 2018
04/18/2018 -04/22/2018

The Northern coast of Catalonia, the Costa Brava, is a natural paradise for any kind of traveler.  Ages of history in a rich blend of colors, plus stunning Mediterranean landscapes and settings.  And if tast is what you have in mind, this region has a long tradition of refined cuisine, with a great variety of foods, wines and dishes linked to the Mediterranean Sea and to the farms, olive groves and vineyards of the interior.  

Indulge yourself in this private gastronomic adventure, without missing out on the cultural treasures of the area, a true opportunity to capture the essence of the Mediterranean.  We promise this region will captivate you!

*Dates of travel are suggested. This tour is available year round.


The Ultimate Foodie Tour of Spain
Spring 2018
04/29/2018 -05/06/2018

Experience what's cooking in Spain! Take a once-in-a-lifetime culinary tour through Madrid, La Rioja, the Basque Country, and Barcelona. Savor the great food which Spain is famous for—from Tapas and Paella to Basque Gastronomic Societies and avant-garde cuisine.  This is the perfect trip for foodie travelers willing to join a small group in Spain to cook, eat, drink, laugh and make new friends!