Croatian tourism is on the up-swing, but up to now the country has mostly attracted savvy European travelers. They have long favored Croatia’s beautiful coastline and more than 1200 islands as a low-key alternative to Spain and Greece, and they’re arriving by air, yacht and Gulf Stream. This has caused an explosion of new tourist infrastructure and that growth, along with the recent press Croatian wine has received from its genetic connection to California Zinfandel, has launched a host of new wines and wineries. Napa’s Mike Grgich was one of the first “outsiders” to discover the potential with his winery Grgic’ Vina, and then Naples Wine Auction board members Lee and Penny Anderson opened Korta Katarina winery. But despite all of the excitement, Croatia is still the place where you can find your own private island, beach or hidden cove to relax during the day. Now there’s also great wine and great cuisine to match.

“Split has it all: Roman ruins and grand museums alongside fashionable cafes and trendy shops. But what makes this city most alluring is not just its proximity to the sandy beaches and rocky coves of nearby islands, but its location overlooked by mountains and edged by the deep blue Adriatic Sea.” New York Times