The Mediterranean is a landscape of history and exquisite beauty.  Quaint villages cling to the craggy islands, ancient olive trees and vineyards climb the terraced hillsides combined with the dynamic blending of old and new in Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia - visiting some of the most rewarding destinations on earth. 

The pace is blissfully easy during our hosted Mediterranean wine cruises.  The scenery is spectacular, service is unbeatable, cuisine is delicious and the wine is impeccable.  There's entertainment, activities and excursions when you want them, and restful corners for reading, napping or contemplation when you don't.  

Here are FIVE more reasons to book your Food & Wine Trails' Mediterranean Wine Cruise - 

VALUE: One price buys your stateroom, dining, entertainment, exclusive Food & Wine Trails onboard wine experiences with top vintners and winemakers...think Francis Ford Coppola and Davis Family Vineyards.

SIMPLICITY: While on board, nearly all of your activities and expenses are pre-paid and you only have to pack and unpack once.  Each night as you sleep in comfort, you are transported effortless to your next destination for a new day of discovery and adventure (no traffic, no maps, no city noise)

VARIETY: Whether you prefer to travel in the spring, summer or fall, you options are practically limitless. If your time away from home is constrained, we offer wine-themed cruises for as little as 7-days or if you are lucky enough to afford more leisure time, up to 14-days.

CAMARADERIE: You will travel with like-minded folks interested in expanding their wine knowledge, exploring Europe's history and culture while tantalizing their pallets.  Novices and oenophiles alike are welcomed with open arms and at the end of your journey, expect to have made life-long friends.

SATISFACTION:  Cruises have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than any other vacation experience.

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OUR MISSION at Food & Wine Trails is to offer guests authenticity and the highest-quality value in the culinary and viticulture travel world. 
The best way to truly know a place is to experience it through its people, food and wine. And the most fun you can have doing that is to travel with a group of likeminded enthusiasts.
We are an award-winning tour company with more than 31 years of experience.  This long-time, singular focus on food and wine educational travel, combined millions of dollars in annual purchasing power, and a team of worldwide food and wine experts, allows us to offer our guests a unique combination of value, quality, authenticity and access.
Don't settle for having "a great trip." Instead, have a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
Our Connections Are Unique
All our trips are led by some of the most renowned people in the food and wine world. And on our cruises, you’ll be met in port by local sommeliers, chefs and wine writers who will introduce you to the best of their region. EXPERTS
We take our guests off-the-beaten-track, providing educational opportunities that engage all the senses.  We satisfy each person’s curiosity, palate and love of travel. [For more about what we do and how we differ, visit our ABOUT US page]

What we offer:
Food & Wine Cruises
Our wine cruises offer enthusiasts the best value in today's economy. Each experience includes onboard and onshore enrichment programming exclusive to the group, plus the opportunity to meet and travel with some of the most famous names in the wine and food world. Plus receive value-added amenities such as free or discounted airfare, ship board credits, and prepaid gratuities. [More on FOOD & WINE CRUISES]
Group Tours
For groups ranging in size from six to twenty people, we offer a few focused and select group departure dates to France, Italy, Spain, and other popular destinations. Each trip includes the high-quality and unique program elements with a food and wine focus. [More on GROUP TOURS]
Custom Trip Planning
For those looking for customized arrangements, we design dream trips! Pick a place on the map and contact us for the 'inside scoop.' [More on CUSTOMIZED TRIP PLANNING]
Corporate Event Planning, Meetings, and Wine Tours
We specialize in destinations within Sonoma and Napa counties. A well planned program is a constructed balance of learning and play. Like live theater, there are countless details, but only one chance for success. Ensuring success for our clients is the number one priority of our team. [Please email us at for more on Event Planning, Meetings, and Tours]