O'Connell Family Wines



Itinerary & Schedule of Events

*The following itinerary and schedule are subject to change without notice because of water levels, wind factors or other conditions.
The times, dates, and locations for the onboard events is subject to approval by the cruiseline. Final schedule of events will be provided with your final wine program documents. 

Date  Port Arrive  Depart  Onboard Wine Program

F&WT's Optional
Shore Excursions

 Paris, France        3-Night Pre-Cruise Package
 "Meet me in Paris"

 Bordeaux, France
 Port de la Lune
Embark 9:00 PM 

 O'Connell Family Wines
 served with dinner

06/26/17  Bordeaux & Cadillac, France  Depends on tides

 O'Connell Family Wines
 served with dinner


 Bordeaux, France Technical Stop    
   Pauillac, France 12:00 PM Overnight

 Rising Reds of Bordeaux
 Left Bank 
06/28/17  Pauillac, France   7:00 AM


 Blaye, France 8:00 AM 1:00 PM    

 Bourg sur Gironde, France  2:00 PM 5:00 PM  Private Seminar & Tasting
 2:30 - 4:30 PM

 Libourne, France  8:00 PM Overnight



 Libourne, France (Saint-Emilion)   Overnight    Rising Reds of Bordeaux
 Right Bank 
06/30/17  Libourne, France   3:00 PM




 Bordeaux, France 8:00 PM Overnight

 O'Connell Family Wines
 served with dinner
 Cognac tasting after dinner

07/01/17  Bordeaux, France   Overnight

 Private Group Cocktail Party
 6:00 - 7:00 PM


 Bordeaux, France Disembark      

07/02- 07/05/17

 Loire Valley        Independent 3-Night
 Post-Cruise  Package in
 the Loire Valley