Custom Trip Planning

Food & Wine Trails “Customized Trip Planning” bypasses the tour wholesaler and uses our expertise, purchasing power and worldwide contacts to give you the perfect itinerary. The advantage is that you end up with an individualized vacation that you can count on, using pre-vetted hotels and suppliers at frequently less expensive prices than arranging the trip on your own or buying a prearranged tour
What is a custom trip?

A custom trip is created expressly for you, compared with an already created pre-set, trip package.  With a custom trip, we can create the perfect itinerary by using our extensive experience, worldwide purchasing power and contacts to bypass the tour wholesaler completely.  Your individualized vacation consists of pre-vetted hotels and suppliers at prices frequently less than if you were to book on your own or if you were to rely on a pre-designed, mass-market travel package.

What are the benefits of having an F&WT Travel Consultant design your trip?

  • You work with a real person to help determine your needs and your budget.
  • You won’t miss a “must see” attraction due to unfamiliarity with the destination.
  • You get the ease of a pre-arranged itinerary but you don’t have to travel with people you don’t know.
  • You have the opportunity to learn about unique and out-of-the-way non-tourist spots.
  • You will receive unbiased recommendations from travel counselors who have been there.
  • You can receive special services or access to personal, and professional guides.

How can we find out more about an F&WT custom trip?

To begin researching your trip we require an initial deposit of $75 to be applied to the overall trip plan. This amount is not refundable if you do not accept the trip proposal. Once we have outlined a basic trip plan, we will give you a proposal with an overall planning fee estimate.

What are the costs of a F&WT custom trip?

We charge $100 per hour, and an initial two-hour minimum. This includes our consulting and research time. Most custom designed trips do not exceed this time.

Once your $200 retainer is received, we will develop an initial trip plan and cost estimate for your review. If you accept that proposal, we will begin to book your accommodations and activities. At that point, supplier guarantees or deposits are required, some of which may or may not be refundable.

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